Unknown turn of the century bicycle

 This bicycle was shown at the Copake swap meet with a sign on it asking "Do you know what I am?" I didn't know, along with a lot of other fellow collectors there but maybe someone on the internet can look at the clues and figure it out. It has been beautifully restored, with the … Continue reading Unknown turn of the century bicycle

Catalogs- a very valuable resource

these catalogs are from the 1890s-1900. Esoteric Wheelmen era information but at the same time, very interestng illustrations and unique parts.Gormully and Jeffery, Tribune Bicycles, Columbia made by Pope Manufacturing,  Stearns bicycles, Hoffman(later became Huffy), Packer bicycles, and White Sewing Machine Bicycle

Early New Departure Controller hub

 New Departure Controller coaster brake hub. This is an early one, notice the brake arm on the driveside(no cog affixed in the photo). It is also takes straight-pull(or sometimes referred to as button head) spokes.New Departure began in 1888 producing doorbells and by 1898, they produced their first bicycle coaster brake hub. They later were … Continue reading Early New Departure Controller hub