Catalogs- a very valuable resource

these catalogs are from the 1890s-1900. Esoteric Wheelmen era information but at the same time, very interestng illustrations and unique parts.Gormully and Jeffery, Tribune Bicycles, Columbia made by Pope Manufacturing,  Stearns bicycles, Hoffman(later became Huffy), Packer bicycles, and White Sewing Machine Bicycle

Firestone Twin Flex bicycle

1938-1939 Huffman made Firestone Twin Flex. Interesting dual suspension balloon tire bike. At this time in bicycle history, manufacturers were trying to make bicycles look and feel like motorcycles for children. These bicycles weighed 45lbs-50lbs and marketed to tweens and teenagers. Many of these bikes had beautiful design and I could only imagine saving up … Continue reading Firestone Twin Flex bicycle