1896 Cycler’s Guide and Road Book of California

http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_vault/2013/10/21/history_of_cycling_map_of_possible_routes.html1896 Cycler’s Guide and Road Book of California. It has great advertisements, and I can only imagine what the roads labelled 'poor' condition were like, as even the best roads at that time were not paved. The roads of the late 19th Century were gravel or dirt roads.“I often hear now-a-days, the automobile instigated good … Continue reading 1896 Cycler’s Guide and Road Book of California

Butler Swap meet pictures

A bunch of early bicycle catalogs including Monarch, Rambler, Sterling, Columbia, Indian, etc. Also the Major Taylor's autobiography - The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World. Amazing original Columbia Bicycles poster from the turn of the century.Visually appealing display of early bicycle hubs.First year Swing Bike, rare to find with original chainguard.Huffy Radiobike, yes there … Continue reading Butler Swap meet pictures

Catalogs- a very valuable resource

these catalogs are from the 1890s-1900. Esoteric Wheelmen era information but at the same time, very interestng illustrations and unique parts.Gormully and Jeffery, Tribune Bicycles, Columbia made by Pope Manufacturing,  Stearns bicycles, Hoffman(later became Huffy), Packer bicycles, and White Sewing Machine Bicycle