Unknown turn of the century bicycle

 This bicycle was shown at the Copake swap meet with a sign on it asking "Do you know what I am?" I didn't know, along with a lot of other fellow collectors there but maybe someone on the internet can look at the clues and figure it out. It has been beautifully restored, with the … Continue reading Unknown turn of the century bicycle

Copake Swap 2012 pt.2

 Interesting Schwinn Paramount with a gold fork, Gillon, and Austro-Daimler early Record adjustable cage pedals. Eddie Albert's table of rare parts for sale- Inch Pitch track chainrings, Campagnolo hubs, various stems and derailleurs. This early Iver Johnson trussbar frameset was updated with hubs brakes and an internal gear rear hub. Hendee Indian race bike. Early 1900s cushion frame. A fellow … Continue reading Copake Swap 2012 pt.2

Copake swap meet and 500th Blog post

 Copake swap meet was set with perfect weather this year. Above, the line of cars was just starting to file into the field at sunrise. Copake is the bike swap for Wheelmen types and with the 2nd Annual ride afterwards, it is great for collectors who want to ride their cool old bikes, and see … Continue reading Copake swap meet and 500th Blog post

Yellow Jo Routens Touring/Camping bicycle

At the Copake bicycle swap meet, there was an inaugural bicycle ride(see earlier post). A fellow Classic Rendezvous member showed up with this beautiful Jo Routens bicycle to ride. It is rather difficult to find one this large and it is interesting to see how the builder dealt with the size of the frame, by … Continue reading Yellow Jo Routens Touring/Camping bicycle