Copake swap meet was set with perfect weather this year. Above, the line of cars was just starting to file into the field at sunrise. Copake is the bike swap for Wheelmen types and with the 2nd Annual ride afterwards, it is great for collectors who want to ride their cool old bikes, and see others doing the same. Bikes and parts are not just limited to the turn of the 20th century, there is something for almost every collector.

Below are some pictures of interesting items I saw there-

 Large flange Chater Lea Hubs with GB aluminum wingnuts. The axles were fitted with a grease fitting.

 Early Dursley Pedersen gear hub.

 Weird New Departure hub with large flange added. I have never seen this before and couldn’t figure out why it was added on the non-driveside.

 Unusual early pedal bike- Crypto Bantam (thanks brian!). Smaller wheels and there seemed to be some sort of gear mechanism in front hub/pedal crank.

 Early 1970s Raleigh Professional with Campagnolo Nuovo Record group.

 Durkopp track frame with a mix of parts. FB hubs, Stronglight 93 right arm, mod 49 left arm. Brooks Swallow saddle, Philippe adjustable stem.

 Dayton in pieces. maybe you could call it a build-a–bike.

 Nice selection of early lamps.

 Selection of early hubs.

 JP Weigle’s new bike, freshly painted the previous day.

 Gathering for the 2nd annual 10 mile bike ride.

 Stop near Bash Bish Falls, while on the bike ride.

1939 Raleigh Tourist. beautiful.

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