These are a pair of wheel Curtis recently built for a customer. They are a cool modern solution for older bikes circa turn of the century. The rims are basically a single wall 700C clincher rim with a wooden top attached to them. This enables you to use a regular clincher tire on a bike that would originally use a single tube pneumatic tire / rim combo. Also of note, usually the rim size would be 28″, so these are a bit smaller in diameter. The rims come unfinished. These had a couple coats of shellac applied, giving them a wonderful honey finish. Color can be adjusted depending on preference. Add some striping, get nutty!  Riding on original wooden rims / tires can be risky as the tires are likely to crumble. Great idea for a parade bike / Eroica type set-up. Then you can preserve the original wheels for show / display purposes on the bike. Contact us for pricing!

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