I find things while looking for other things on a daily basis around here. These items are a good example. These are two front derailleurs which have been modified to enhance their performance, I think. The first is the Campagnolo one which has had a much larger cage, (which has an adjustable outer plate) bolted to the stock inner cage plate. This was done, I assume to use a very small inner chain ring with a larger outer. My only question is: What was done to the rear derailleur to compensate for all those extra chain links?! Also of note is that this derailleur is an early version with the unslotted cable stop and bronze arms! The Second is a Suntour Cyclone which also has had the cage elongated for the same purpose. It was done by brazing on an additional length of cage to the existing one. Both are home spun solutions to a problem. I wonder if the creators got the desired results? One way to find out  I guess…

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