We like to keep bikes in the family here at Via. You may recognize this one, maybe. This bike used to belong to our esteemed colleague and good friend Joel. He moved to the west coast not too long ago and sold his chrome Rochet to our colleague Rory, who does a great job working at the front end of the shop doing sales and repair diagnosis. Joel took some bits and bobs off the bike leaving Rory with a relatively blank canvas to build upon.

It is currently set up as a three speed with Sturmey Archer alloy shell AW hub (recently overhauled of course), Campy record high flange front road hub converted to bolt on version for security reasons, and Sugino cranks with chain ring . Velocity Aerohead rims are nice and durable for city riding. The bike retains the Honjo Le Paon fenders, Velo Orange porteur front rack, Velo Orange porteur bars, and Tektro inverse levers. A new Brooks B-17 saddle rounds out the build. The overall impression is a really well put together city bike capable of most any day to day task executed with style.

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