Keeping it in the family. Rory’s chrome Rochet

We like to keep bikes in the family here at Via. You may recognize this one, maybe. This bike used to belong to our esteemed colleague and good friend Joel. He moved to the west coast not too long ago and sold his chrome Rochet to our colleague Rory, who does a great job working … Continue reading Keeping it in the family. Rory’s chrome Rochet

Frexel inverse Brake levers

I love city bikes. I don't understand people that ride bikes in the city without fenders and chainguards, and dare I say. . . upright riding position!!The search for brake levers for the upright riding position leaves the rider looking either at current stock(modern plastic/aluminum Mtn. bike levers) or older brake levers. Most brake levers … Continue reading Frexel inverse Brake levers