59cm center to center seattube. 60cm center to center toptube.
Looks like a Claud Butler, the bilaminate lug work and seat stay treatment.
but it may not be a CB, it does not have Serial # stamped under the bottom bracket shell(Chater Lea BB shell). Also, eyelets are different on this bike, compared to the other CBs that I have seen,
it would need a repaint, but as you can see from the photos, the parts are generally in excellent condition, minus the chrome on the rear hub and the rear derailleur.
Chater lea cranks, bottom bracket and headset.
GB brakes, levers, spearpoint stem, and handlebars(i have never seen that logo before on the handlebars)
Huret rear derailleur
Union pedals(rusty)
Brooks B-17 oval logo saddle(quite desirable, pre-1960)
Reynolds aluminum seatpost
Bayliss and Wiley hubs.
Weinmann early logo aluminum rims.

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