Raleigh Professional
61cm center to center seattube, 58cm center to center toptube.
Campagnolo Nuovo record group.
Rear derailleur is stamped 1972.
The Campagnolo Nuovo Record brakes are the early ones with flat qrs.
Early Campy brake levers, referred as long reach.
Freewheel will be provided, not in pictures.
The rims were changed to clincher rims, but i can sell a set of correct AVA tubular rims for $60.
Brooks Professional saddle, that has been chopped and modified- they referred to a Hot Rodded.
the bike will clean and polish up beautifully.

5 thoughts on “1972 Raleigh Professional SOLD

  1. The 1972 on the rear derailer is the patent date. I believe this is a 1974.The third digit in the seriel number is the manufacture date.if the digit is a 4 that means 1974 if it is a 2 then it is a 1972. I hope this clears it up for you


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