Original paint and decals.
the decals are excellent. very minor nicks here and there, but overall this bike is 9+ out of 10
I would recommend an tuneup as it is a 30+ year old bike.
Appears to be all original except the tires have been replaced with new tires.
bike looks like it was never really ridden at all.
this bike is not the top end Falcon. it does have steel rims. but what it lacks in high end components it makes up for with being a time capsule bike, a bike that is very clean, and has not been abused, or in that case, ridden.

  • chrome Velox rear derailleur
  • Gran Sport front derailleur
  • Gran Sport shifters

Weinmann centerpull brakes and weinmann levers.
Chrome steel cottered cranks.
Normandy hubs, steel rims
No rust.
no pedals
55cm center to top seattube.,
56cm center to center effective toptube.

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