Chrome Carlton Huffy

Here is Matthew's daily city bicycle. Matt has been working at the shop for around 6 years and has an amazing stable of bicycles- including 2 Jack Taylors, Pogliaghi track bike, Schwinn Paramount, and some other bikes that escape me know. This chrome bike is a Carlton built Huffy from the late 1960s. It would … Continue reading Chrome Carlton Huffy

Chrome bikes have a Posse

Philadelphia is the city of Chrome city bikes. Via Bicycle is now personally responsible for at least 6 chrome city bikes. 3 are owned by employees(well one previous employee) and they are set up super awesome and every bit to ogle over. Photos to come in some post in the future. One is a Carlton … Continue reading Chrome bikes have a Posse

Barra aluminum bicycle

Beautiful Barra aluminum bicycle.Nichola Barra build these aluminum bicycles from the late 1930s into the is gas welded aluminum, expertly done, flawless, and way ahead of its time.Also take note of the ovalized tubing at the joints- Seatlug and bottom bracket.This example was equipped Lam brakes, Le Chat front derailleur, Stronglight 34 cranks, Simplex … Continue reading Barra aluminum bicycle

Frexel inverse Brake levers

I love city bikes. I don't understand people that ride bikes in the city without fenders and chainguards, and dare I say. . . upright riding position!!The search for brake levers for the upright riding position leaves the rider looking either at current stock(modern plastic/aluminum Mtn. bike levers) or older brake levers. Most brake levers … Continue reading Frexel inverse Brake levers