Here is Matthew’s daily city bicycle. Matt has been working at the shop for around 6 years and has an amazing stable of bicycles- including 2 Jack Taylors, Pogliaghi track bike, Schwinn Paramount, and some other bikes that escape me know. This chrome bike is a Carlton built Huffy from the late 1960s. It would have been originally painted a translucent color over the chrome, but that paint never really stuck well on the chrome and we are now left with a nice shiny bicycle.

Matt has it outfitted with 700c Velocity wheels it a Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed hub and usually has a Schmidt dynamo front hub(in the photos he has a Phil Wood large flange hub). The handebars and Porteur rack are from Velo Orange, as well as the fenders and brake levers.
A Schmidt E6 light is attached to the Porteur Rack.
The bicycle is perfect for city riding, with enought gear range for all over the city. Maybe someday we can talk Matt into putting a chainguard on the bike.
(shameless promotion- Via Bicycle is a Velo Orange parts dealer).

add.- minor detail about Carlton’s imported as Huffys in the USA.
found on Wikipedia for Raleigh
” Carlton, which had been unable to make inroads in the USA market after a failed rebranding deal with Huffy, found success in the late 1960s by recasting itself as “Raleigh-Carlton”, a Raleigh-logo’d bike with some Carlton badging, and using the US dealer network to import and distribute bikes.”

So it must have been in the mid 1960s or so, the same time Huffy was importing Moultons and rebranding them as Huffys.

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