Caminade Caminargent city bike

I love the look and idea of the Carinargent(Introduced around 1934-35 in France). It has octagonal tubing that are held together by lugs that clamp with bolts. So the frame can be completely disassembled. It is aluminum and with some time and delicate love, it can be polished to a beautiful shine. I have never … Continue reading Caminade Caminargent city bike

Beautiful french bike used as display on PBP

When I arrived at one of the last controls on Paris-Brest-Paris this year, I was shocked to see this beautiful french bike tied to a barrier as a decoration. Sure, I have seen other bikes placed throughout the route(towns are judged on their display and support of PBP), but this seemed different. This was a … Continue reading Beautiful french bike used as display on PBP