Caminade Caminargent city bike

I love the look and idea of the Carinargent(Introduced around 1934-35 in France). It has octagonal tubing that are held together by lugs that clamp with bolts. So the frame can be completely disassembled. It is aluminum and with some time and delicate love, it can be polished to a beautiful shine. I have never … Continue reading Caminade Caminargent city bike

Caminade Caminargent Track bike

Here is the most beautiful example of a Caminargent Track bike I have ever seen.The track model is a bit tougher to locate.First introduced around 1936, Aluminum octagonal tubing, that is pinchbolted into the various lugs. the frame can be completely disassembled.The bike was outfitted with aluminum Stronglight Cotterless cranks, aluminum handlebars, stem, aluminum rail … Continue reading Caminade Caminargent Track bike

thinking about starting again

my life has been rather hectic this year, it started off well, but then went a bit south of heaven.,It has not stopped me from traveling around, taking cool pictures of cool the next few posts will be of interesting bikes or parts or both,.(click on pictures for larger view)Art Stump drillium bike.Ottusi Drillium … Continue reading thinking about starting again