This is a bike we acquired back in the spring. It is of top notch high end construction / caliber. There is no model number on it, but I believe it is of the 7000 series professional level. In the late 1980’s Panasonic offered their PICS program, which was a custom frame program where you could specify dimensions, tubing, tubing material (steel or titanium), and a vast spectrum of color (paint) options. Those bikes also had a specific PICS seat tube decal. I do not think this bike came from that series as it lacks the decals / paint scheme of those bikes. i believe this bike to be from the mid to early 1980’s.
      The frame and fork is constructed from Champion No. 1 double butted frame tubes, offered by Tange. Here is a list of Tange tube sets on the high end with dimensions: Tange Champion:  A high quality seamless steel tube set.  Been around
  forever.  A little bit heaver than Prestige but a lot cheaper and
  probably every bit as good for most riders.  Costs about $75 for a
  tube set.
        Tange Champion #1  .6/.8 butted tubes (I think)
        Tange Champion #2  .6/.9 (I think).  Same as walls Columbus SL.
        Tange Champion #3  Same “size” as Columbus SP.
Beautiful light blue paint that is very thinly applied allowing one to see all the details underneath.
     The lugs are all crisply filed and thinned, photos really do not do them justice. It also boasts a nice fastback seat cluster, elegant rear brake bridge with star / point like flourishes, chain stay bridge, and nice long fork blade reinforcing tangs. The semi-sloping fork crown is also chromed with the Panasonic logo cast into the shoulders. Drop outs are Shimano EF with Shimano fork tips as well. All these details add up to one really impressive machine. It is built with an earlier Shimano Dura -Ace group, including an AX aero stem, quite unique with the hidden clamp wedge. The wheels  are mis-matched and is how the bike came to us. The headset is a Hatta Swan Super Deluxe model and the bike also has Medallion (Japanese) brand handlebars with a Criterium type bend.. Serial number stamped on the BB shell is: 2B15380.
    I have tried to track down info on this bike with not much success, if any of our readers can provide more details, I am all ears.

                                    The measurements are as follows:
58 CM seat tube center to center.
56 CM top tube center to center.
33″ stand over height.
 please enjoy the hotos and feel free to contact me at: for price or with any questions you may have.

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