Offered for sale today is a beautiful classic track frame and fork. It is a Raleigh TI (tube investments) Team pista / track frame and fork in fantastic condition. This has been re-painted and decaled at some point in its life. It is one of the better re-paints I have seen in a while. The color is a bit more orange than the original color. All correct decals. Made from Reynolds 531 tubing. Serial number is SB4394 on the BB shell with size 58.5 stamped there as well. There is also a matching stamp on the steerer. This frame was made in Raleigh’s Ilkeston factory in roughly 1980 going by the decals, lack of chrome and un-drilled rear drop outs. It has the classic Raleigh pista fork crown and is undrilled for brakes. Campagnolo rear track ends and fork tips as well, which was standard equipment for these bikes. The frame also has nice round fork blades and beefy rear seat stays , very stiff. English threaded BB shell, English steerer, and takes 27.2 seat post size. Measurements are as follows:

58.5 CM seat tube, center to center
56 CM top tube center to center
33″ stand over height (no head set installed)
This would make a great winter project / build! please enjoy the photos and feel free to contact me at:  for pricing or with any questions.

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