This bike belongs to my colleague Graham. He runs the front end of the shop handling a multitude of responsibilities, from customer service, to selling bikes, and diagnosing repairs. He also does all our product ordering. Graham also has an ever expanding stable of fine bicycles. This is one of his newer acquisitions. Really clean Marinoni pista frame and fork that he built up with stuff from his parts bin. These are made in Canada, near Quebec. Here is a link to the Classic Rendezvous page about the marque MARINONI.
     I believe this was built in the 1980’s, mostly because of the checkerboard fade paint job. A personal favorite of mine. The chrome is pristine. It is built with Columbus tubing and Campagnolo pista drop outs and fork tips. Also of note is the Mavic 310 headset, I think they are really slick looking. They are also smooth as butter, however, they require the specific wrench for adjustment and are a bit of a rarity these days! Really beefy round fork blades and nice semi sloping crown with the “M” cast into it. Not drilled for brakes, this bike is designed for one thing, speed on the track! Enjoy the photos!

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