This bike belongs to a repeat customer / client of ours. It is a super cool Raleigh Track bike. I am a bit perplexed by it though because of the paint. I have never seen an emerald green one like this. I assume it was re-painted and decaled at some point in its life. It has the older type flat fork crown. It does not have the chromed “socks” on the rear triangle or fork blades though. Also, usually the rear drop outs are drilled, these are not. all that aside, I really love the paint on this bike, metallic emerald green! It sparkles like crazy in the sun. The rear wheel does not go with the bike. I put that one in just to take photos. We are calculating spokes for a wheel matching the front. The customer is handling the build. Also of note is the matching green spoke nipples on the front wheel (last photo), very sharp.  Enjoy the photos.

2 thoughts on “Awesome Customer’s bike: Raleigh Track

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