Here is a nice track frame and fork I have for sale today. It was built by Ernie Atkinson in Astoria,  Oregon in the mid 1980’s. It has a stamp of “EA 85” on the BB shell, which I assume means Ernie Atkinson 1985. He is a small builder there and is still around,  not sure if he is still building bikes though. I have only seen one other of his bikes, a very nicely made road frame. It is built with Reynolds 531 tubing and has a nice fast back seat stay attachment. The lugs are all nicely filed. it is drilled for both front and rear brakes, maybe this was a winter training bike? Nice flat fork crown with reinforcing tangs on the inside of the beefy round blades. The rear drop outs have been drilled to accept a rack, I assume. I do not know if this feature is original to the build or not, they appear to have been done later by someone. Requires a 27.2 seat post. The BB shell is English threaded (1.370 X 24 TPI) and the steerer is English as well. The decals are Letraset style on top of the paint, which has some chips and knicks here and there. The frame is straight and the fork is  in alignment. The measurements are as follows:

  • 55 CM seat tube CTC
  • 56 CM top tube CTC
  • 31 1/2″ stand over without head set or inflated tires.

     Some of the decals are on a little bit crooked, kind of charming. lets you know they were placed by hand!  Please email at: for price or with any questions you may have. Thanks!


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