Here are a bunch of photos from the 2014 Philly bike expo on Saturday 11/8/2014. we were loaning a bike to David V. Herlihy, author of: Bicycle:  A History  to be on display in front of his table. It is a 1890’s Victor with suspension fork.

     There was a lot to see and a lot of interesting folks to talk with. it was good seeing old faces and many, many new ones. I hope everyone has fun and stays safe. I was only able to take a semi-quick walk through as I had to get back to work! Enjoy!

      Road warrior type status!

 Chris Bishop out of Maryland does fantastic work!

 Bilenky tandem that belongs to friends of ours. Note their initials cast into the seat lugs, nice detail!

 Johnny Coast cycles out of Brooklyn, NY is one of the nicest dudes out there, his craftmanship is top notch!

 J. P. Weigle Mountain frame for sale from the 80’s.

 Some details from one of Peter Weigle’s bikes on display. Simply amazing.

 1950’s Ducheron for sale by Peter Weigle, this bike is stunning!

 Funny, oh-hec pump. Decal is a play on the Ad-Hoc pumps from the 50’s-60’s.

 Weigle seat cluster.

 Not Guaranteed built with Reynolds 531! Hilarious.

 Custom trailer by Brian Chapman of Circle A and Chapman Cycles. Note the elastimer type rear suspension system, very cool. Reminds me of older Jack Taylor trailers.

 Le Fool fender. A take on the french Le Fol brand. This is a modified Honjo made to look like the original Le Fol fenders. Peter Weigle is a master craftsman and also has a great sense of humor!

 Stephen Bilenky looking dapper in his pink denim vest

 Prototype of the future Philly Bikeshare program, set to start in spring 2015! They need to be painted Phillies colors.

 At the entrance looking in.

One thought on “A bunch of photos from the 2014 Philly Bike expo on Saturday 11/8/2014

  1. Yay, Brain Chapman! I liked the Armory, but yeah, maybe too small.
    Did Ms. Bina Bilenky run this one too? She's got a great track record!


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