This bike came in for repairs recently and I was pretty stoked to see it. The owner dates it to  mid 1980’s production (85-86). He is not the original owner. These bikes back then were the ones most kids wanted. The Haro Master was the one above this and you had to mow a lot of lawns to get the money up to buy one. Bob Haro is the considered by many to be the father of modern freestyle BMX. This model was introduced in 1982 ish I believe and was one of the first to be strictly dedicated to BMX freestyle riding. There was also a vert version (used for riding half pipes) without the fork pegs. This bike is semi original and has original paint and decals in good shape. Not many of these bikes survived in such good shape as they were mostly used and abused and thrown around learning and executing tricks. Now I am gonna go home and read through some old Radical Rick cartoons.

One thought on “Awesome customer’s bike: mid 1980’s Haro Freestyler

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