Today I offer this really nice unknown track bike for sale. The frame appears to be British. Measurements are as follows. Seat tube is 57cm center to center. Top tube is 58cm center to center. Stand over height is 33 inches.BSA bottom bracket shell. Nice early fork crown. Integrated head set cups with head clip style head set. Frame has no dents and is straight. Obviously has been painted “ruddy” brown. Two holes in head tube for head badge. Nice lugs somewhat filed.
     Components are as follows. BSA inch pitch cottered crank set. 24 tooth chain ring. 9 tooth rear track cog. Nice inch pitch roller chain. 9/16″ X 20 pedal threads. Unknown rear flip flop track hub. Track threading on both sides. Nice mismatched laminated wooden rim wheel set. Wheels will need to be tensioned, Some spokes are seized. They have been treated with penetrating fluid and should free up with a bit of heat as well. Front hub has some unique features and utilizes wing nut attachment, could be switched out for traditional axle nuts easily though. Early track bars with nice bend and lots of patina. They are 37cm wide center to center. Stem is 75mm long. Tubular tires are a bit dry and could stand to be replaced, but hold air. They are from the 70’s-early 80’s. Bike feels overall nice and solid, bearings are in adjustment. Relatively light weight for a bike of its vintage. Wish I had more specifics about the frame maker, but it is tough to discern.
                                            Email for price at:

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