This is one of the Curtis’s personal bikes. Late 80’s / early 90’s Colnago with Gilco tubing. Pretty unique machine, The Gilco design was produced by Columbus and is Hexagonal. We also have the Cinelli EXA bars that match the tubing, super rare. Maybe one day we will install them? The bike is mostly C-record components, the coolest being the rare sheriff star road hubs. Usually you see them as the track version, they were prone to cracking where the flanges met the hub barrels, I wonder if this was a problem with the road version? The down tube index shifters Campagnolo produced were prone to problems as well, but these work well. The large Biodinamica 900ml water bottle is a bit of a rarity as well. This era was the aero dynamic trend, so a lot of the components reflect that. Campagnolo Delta brakes were also over designed and did not work very well, but are super cool looking and equally rare. Nice Mavic 280 rims are very light. The lugs are the early “master” type. The seat cluster is almost a fast back treatment, keeping with the aero style. The BB shell is webbed, again for the aero style. Straight blade fork. This bike is meant for speed, not comfort. Curtis states that this bike is indeed very fast and responsive and looks forward to putting some more miles on it!

5 thoughts on “Cool shop bike #3: Colnago with Gilco tubing

  1. ummm… this bottle… so much BIG. And this stem…no, in black colour and curved form… much better a silver straight stem here.
    Excuse me,I had to say.
    Anyway this bike is very very amazing. I would love to restore it.


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