This beautiful unrestored Gormully & Jeffery model 28 was in our possession for about 24 hours. We bought it in the morning at the swap meet and ended up selling it later at the same swap meet. Our original intention was to keep it and bring it back to Philadelphia as we have the men’s mate to this bike, but money was more important as we were on the road traveling to buy bikes and needed more pedestrian style bikes(3-speeds and 10 speeds) for the shop to resell.

 It is beautiful with faint Rococo paint detail still visible. In this photograph, you can see the extended downtube lug, the lugs points are about 3-4″ long!

 Unique aluminum rear fender with skirt lacing intact. I love the star pattern on the aluminum chainguard.

  The wooden rims would have taken the early clincher tire, developed by G&J.

 Trademark G&J headset locknut.

 Coasting pegs, for when you get tired or are going downhill.

Christy saddle missing it’s cover. It would have been padded in horsehair and then covered in leather. It was an early anatomic saddle with two cutouts to relieve pressure.

One thought on “Gormully & Jeffery Model 28 bicycle

  1. I just bought this chain gaurd on ebay–literally the exact same one. I didn't know what it was. I planned on repainting it and putting it on my bike. I kind of feel bad about using it now that I see it belongs to such a classic antique bicycle. Should I feel bad about using this guard?


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