Speedwell(UK) built one of the first commercially available titanium bike framesets, along with the Teledyne Titan. Speedwell used a different blend of titanium than what is commonly used now on titanium bike frames, but back then they didn;t know any better. Luis Ocena infamously rode a Speedwell Titalite to a Tour de France victory over Eddy Merckx, but at the time, they really couldn’t advertise it, as Ocena was supposed to be riding for Motobecane.
Link the the Classic Rendezvous page on Speedwell.

 Great looking seat cluster.

 Shame that the picture is out of focus. You can see it is very well finished.

 I love that this super light race frame and front and rear eyelets on the dropouts.
(Ed. I just looked at our Speedwell frameset we have here, and it does not have eyelets)

The welding, filing and finish work on this frame is amazing.

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