I have a friend that is looking for a tandem bicycle. This frameset, 1889 Singer Tandem Trike, would be a nice start to build up a nice rider. It would be a pricey build up though. $14,500 start up, plus paint and parts.

This 1891 Union is a classic example of a very nicely restored bicycle. I have overheard collectors talking of Bob Jameson restoration work, and it is so good that in selling a restored bike, you mention his name and price of the bicycle goes up in value. $19,500

1890”s Bronco style cross frame pneumatic bicycle. With bicycles in it’s infancy, there were some weird and wacky designs out there. $8,600.

1883-86 Columbia built 3 Track Tricycle. this was used for racing. It is hard to imagine that with our lightweight, go fast streamlined bicycles of today. $27,500

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