It has since been cleaned up by the new owner-(write up by owner’s local bike shop, and fellow Jack Taylor aficionado Bob Freeman, Elliott Bay Bicycles)

“This exquisite bike is the nicest original Jack Taylor I have seen, especially considering its age. Serial number is 4646. Alex completely disassembled it and cleaned and shined everything, rebuilt the wheels, and reassembled it with great care. Amazing how the decals and striping have held up for 47 years. New tires and cables and spokes, but that’s about it for new stuff. Great Job Alex! It will be the star of the Classic Bike Show at the Seattle Bike Expo in March. 7

You can see this in person and about 40 other Jack Taylors, and meet Ken Taylor himself, if you come to the Classic Bike Show at the Seattle Bike Expo March 13-14 All Classic bikes welcome of course!

Read all about it:

more pictures of the restored Jack Taylor on Bob’s Flickr page here

You can see original pictures HERE when we had it on the blog for sale. it really cleaned up nice, I knew it would. Too tall for me to ride.

Current owner with Ken Taylor-

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