Like all that you imagine, we have a tough time discarding anything as trash or rubbish. We are
I love the Bendix logo, and Campagnolo boxes were something of myth, as they were always top shelf(well maybe minus the Gran Turismo rear derailleur!).

Next is the headbadge to a Le Chemineau. Very cool one that resembles a town landmark milemarker. The bottom picture shows the Chemineau proprietary derailleur system. Also visible is the chainstay protector, Prior super large drilled out hubs, brake unit mounted under the chainstays, and the stays to the Lefol fenders, that actually have a rack built onto to them. I will have more detailed pictures in the future of this 650b bicycle and it’s mate, a 700c model that we got together. the type that cannot even through away the packaging that parts come in. Looking back at some of the cool boxes we have and saving the graphics, it is great that we did it(and others before us), but still hard to justify shelf space for empty boxes when space is at a premium! I have seen some old bike parts boxes sell for the hundreds of dollars to collectors. Goes to prove that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

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