International Cycling History Conference

I recently attended the International Cycling History Conference hosted by Gary Sanderson and the David Metz Bicycle Museum.The talks were interesting and even trumping that was the Metz Museum, that leans toward early bicycles, but also shows David Metz sense of humor. Included amongst Star, Punnent Companion, and Eliot-Hickory bicycles is a display of clown … Continue reading International Cycling History Conference

1908 Caminade Track Bicycle

very cool track racer.chater lea headset, Caminade chainring. New Departure rear hub,Persons saddle, John Bull Toe Clips, and what looks like Torrington pedals.the very interesting feature is the square tubing for the chainstays.the crimped seatstays at the dropouts to make it more rigid.the unique seat cluster, it uses the 2 clamps, one is the traditional … Continue reading 1908 Caminade Track Bicycle