Paige Pfleger wrote a wonderful article about Via Bicycle, found here on Newsworks. Jessica Kourkounis took some amazing photos documenting Via Bicycle before the big relocation to 622 South Broad Street.

Racks of used and vintage bicycles line the sidewalk outside of Via Bicycle off of South Street in Philadelphia. In an old-school circuslike font, signs spell out “Jiffy Repairs,” “New Used & Rare” and “Ephemera.”

Stepping inside the door, it’s clear this place is much more than just a bike shop — it’s part museum and part library, too.

The owner of the shop stands on a wooden ladder, searching for parts like a librarian in search of the perfect book. Curtis Anthony has a handlebar mustache, peppered with gray hairs, and he wears a small beanie like Steve Zissou from Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic.”

“We’ve been here a billion years. This is our third location, and, alas, we’re moving,” Curtis says, hitting the counter nervously with a bike flag as he talks. By a billion years, he really means 20. His eyes fill with tears — this isn’t just his bike store. It’s also his home. He lives on the fourth floor above the shop.”  – After 20 years as community staple, Via Bicycle taking a new turn

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