Offered for sale today is a real piece of home-spun Americana, in relation to cycling.  This is a Hi-e wheelset in practically NOS NEW condition. Hi-E engineering was the inverntion of Harlan Myers from the Nashville, Tennesse area in the 1970’s. He is famous for his ultra lightweight hubs, home made rims, pedals, unconventional frame design and construction, cranks, and the list goes on! He was  a true original and had real brilliance in design (in my opinion). here is a link to the Classic Rendezvous with more info on him: Hi-E   also, here is a link to the MOMBAT website, who back in 2013 purchased all the remaining stock of Hi-E parts from Harlan Myers son: MOMBAT Hi-E
     This wheel set consists of the Hi-E rims  and hubs, and skewers. Both wheels are 700C size with very dry Clement Criterium Seta Extra tubular tires glued on, they do not hold air. Rear hub is the hi – lo flange version and is spaced at 120mm, and has sealed cartridge bearings. Decals intact on both rim and hub. It is laced three cross with unknown double butted spokes. Wheel is round and true with one small “hop” in the rim. The front wheel is the lo flange hub spaced at 100mm, and also has sealed cartridge bearings. decals intact on both hub and rim. it is radially laced with unknown double butted spokes. It is round and true. This wheel set appears to be shop worn NOS or take off condition. enjoy the photos.

  Cost is $500.00 for the pair plus S/H 
Feel free to contact me at: with any questions.

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