Yes, I know it has the Gios Torino decals on it, but this is NOT a Gios. Who made it it is a mystery to me. It is a really nice frame and fork that needs a good home. Gios bikes have a very distinct seat stay cap 
that is flat and then bulges out like the one in the photo below:
The seat stay caps on this bike are flat (see photos). Also, Gios lugs do not have window cut outs like on this frame and the bottom bracket shells also have the Gios name cast into them with long cut out slots, this frame does not.
     All that being said, it is a still a nicely constructed bike! It has Campagnolo track drop outs and fork tips and the fork crown and rear bridge are NOT drilled for brakes. The fork is biult with nice beefy round blades and classic flat fork crown. there is a Columbus stamp on the steerer, so I assume the rest of the tubing is Columbus as well. The bottom bracket is English threaded as well as the steerer.
It takes a 27.2 seat post size.
There are two dents in the top tube, small one on the non drive side and a litlle bit larger one on the drive side, not bad about the size of a dime (see photos).
The frame has a serial number of: Z5757935 stamped on the rear non drive side drop out. 
Not sure if this is original paint or not, I think not.
Seat tube measures 56CM CTC
Top tube measures 57CM CTC.
Stand over height is 31″ (without headset and air in tires)
Please see photos for reference.
Contact me at: with ant questions.
Cost is $425.00 plus shipping.

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