We recently got this bike and I offer it for sale today. It is a Humber Special with a large size frame. It has the Humber cranks and fork. What is really cool about the bike is the steering dampener on the non-drive side of the headtube. See photo. Basically there is a band of metal inside the head tube which wraps around the steerer and when you tighten the lever it tightens around the fork steerer increasing resistance to steer the bike. I am not really sure of the application, maybe a security measure? the bike also has early Sturmey Archer hubs. The rear is stamped KB4 and has the cool early logo on the hub. Also of note is the fact that it is blacked out. Schwinn blacked out their parts during WWII. I am not aware of British manufacturers doing the same. Also this model dates to around 1932-33, well before WWII.  Maybe it was just an aesthetic choice? Very cool. The rear hub also has a drum brake. The front is drum brake as well. The shifter is a K-Series (see photo) top tube mount. The serial number is K17994. It has original decals and paint as well as original gold striping. The seat tube measures 26″ length and the stand over height is 36″ (with air in the tires). Wheel size is 28″.
               Please see photos for reference and email me at: bikeville@gmail.com with any questions.

Cost is $900.00
Local pick up is preferred as this bike will be expensive to ship because of size and weight.

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