We attended the second annual swap meet hosted by Second Life Bikes in Asbury Park, NJ over the weekend. They are a co-op shop and do community work / retail / consignment. Well run, awesome space. Here is a link to their website, check them out! Second Life Bikes  These are a bunch of pics from the event. Enjoy!

 Excellent coffee and snacks!

 Stack of British 3 speeds

 Bikes for sale.

 Apelhans six-day bike

 Old Campy, BSA etc.

 More Campy, Super champion derailleur parts, T.A., etc.

 Schwinn paramount cranks, Ideale, etc.

 Claud butler, Oscar Wastyn?, Atala.

 Early Strawberry

 Colnago Olympic Master with matching winter jacket.

 Nice Carlton Flyer, Raleigh super tourist frame down low.

 1966 Raleigh Chrome plated Sports.

 DL 1’s a plenty!

 Daily grind.

 Bikes for sale.

 Teledyne Titan.


 Community tools.

 More bikes

 Daccordi with Aero tubing.

 Super clean Medici Pro-Strada. The pics do not do it justice.

 Neat compass on a head light.

 A pair of bad ass Dean mountain bikes. this guy got swarmed!

The end…

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