This bike belongs to one of our best customers. He recently acquired it and brought it in for us to assemble / service.  He rode it for the The Great British Bike Weekend that happened over the weekend here in Philly. It is an early 1970’s Pete Matthews. Mr. Matthews is mostly known for his wheel building skills and gained a worldwide reputation for his very lightweight and durable wheels. Here is a link about his work. Pete Matthews
     The bike pre-dates him taking over Jim Soens bikeshop in Liverpool , England by about two years. The owner estimates the bike to be from 1970. it is a very nicely constructed road bike with eyelets for fenders (common on British bikes due to frequent bad weather). It has nice long lug points and elegant fully wrapping seat stays. Not to mention the nice sunburst style pinstriping on the fully sloping Cinelli fork crown. Also of note is the modified Campagnolo front derailleur. The clamp band has been thinned (filed) and drilled. It is also an early version with the bronze arms. The cable stop has also been cut off and filed smooth. This bike rides great and when test riding it, I imagined it would be a perfect bike to do a century on, quite comfy. Enjoy the photos!

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