Here is the second batch of photos I took from the swap at the firehouse next door to the Lehigh Valley  Velodrome (T-Town). This show happened May 1st-3rd and is the second year it has been a three day event. It is mostly antique bike stuff: balloon tire bikes, muscle bikes, some lightweight stuff, etc. You never know what will show up though. Attendance was a bit thin both for vendors and buyers. In previous years the field was packed. Not this year though. Again, we got a couple things for the shop and a few bikes, mostly bread and butter type stuff. There were some cool things on display and tucked away though from the previous day. Enjoy!

 Score of the weekend, in my opinion. Bastide stayer bike. Fork facing the wrong way.

 Split seat tube Meca Cycle, by Mercier.

 Nice Iver Johnson with arching top tube.

 SUPER COOL ornately engraved and drilled Campagnolo Nuovo Record crank set. No, it was not for sale, I asked!

 Raleigh that was recently sold at the Copake auction a few weeks ago all cleaned up and looking great!

 Home spun rear derailleur on the Raleigh consisting of an early Gran sport upper pivot with spring and barrel adjuster, Nuovo Record parrellogram and cage, and different lower pivot bolt, very cool! The current owner said the bike had all types of “tinkerer” touches.

 Jeunet track bike.

 Uber rare ultra short campy Nuovo Record seat post! HA!

 Nice Ciocc track bike also recently sold at the Copake auction a few weeks ago.

 Schwinn King Sting with all types of OLD SCHOOL BMX goodies on it.

 Nice Hewitt mixte frame and fork.

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