A little while back I had done a post about a Behringer pista frameset we had sold through the shop. Well, now it is a completed bike rolling around our fair city. The owner Josh and I went back and forth with ideas of how to set it up and we are both pleased with the outcome!
      Initially, he said he wanted it set up with a three speed rear hub and upright bars, the ultimate light weight city bike. He also expressed the desire to build it with mostly older high end lightweight components. At first we used modern alloy rims, but encountered a problem with the rear brake reach. Then we needed to find an appropriate front hub. As luck would have it I found a stray complete front wheel consisting of and Air Lite hub laced to a Dunlop Special lightweight 27″ steel rim. I then found a matching Dunlop rim for the rear, which solved the brake reach problem and boom! we were getting somewhere. I found the brass face plate Sturmey Archer shifter which is era matched to the rear hub date code. Then I found the GB center pull brakes to give us the required reach with Scott Mathauser pads to ensure powerful stopping power with the lightweight steel rims. Josh sourced the Williams crank set and bottom bracket and the super cool Gipiemme aero type pedals with Oppy style toeclips. I had never seen these pedals until now, and I gotta say if i come across a set at a swap, I am gonna buy them for myself! Josh also provided the handle bars and super cool GB spear point stem. Our head mechanic  Davis did all the build work to his usual high standards, and the result is quite pleasing, I think. We enjoy projects like this, exchanging ideas and coming up with awesome results. It is a bit of an unorthodox build and we are glad to have been a part of it! Enjoy.

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