Via Bicycle is hiring!
      We are looking for an experienced bicycle shop sales person and mechanic to work full time (5 days a week). Applicants must have 1 year shop experience. Applicants must be good with co-workers and be comfortable talking to customers. You must be able to multi-task efficiently. We are very busy when the weather is nice!
      We are not your cookie-cutter type bike shop and you must be able to adapt to the way we do things here at Via. We work on everything and primarily sell and service used bikes. You will NOT be polishing Colnagos! That being said, if this sounds good to you, please stop by with your resume’ and have a chat with us. We look forward to the conversation!
     Our hours are: Tuesday 10-5, Wednesday 1-9, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10-5
     We are located at: 606 S. 9th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147


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