Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week. I was very busy boxing and shipping out larger internet sale items and also was ill. But, enough about me. This is a really unique bike one of our loyal customers / friend brought in for us to assemble / tune up. It is a 1981 Lotus Aero Super Pro frame and fork complete with the spec’d Shimano AX Dura-Ace component group that he sourced. It is a fine original example, probably the nicest I have ever seen in person. Here is an article about the model’s history and specs. Lotus Aero Super Pro! Thanks so much for trusting us with its care! This design was pretty cutting edge for the time and was a bold move for such a young company. It was also featured in the July 1982 issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine! My favorite detail is the aerodynamic brake caliper barrel adjusters, no detail spared in the pursuit of streamlined advantage! Not too long after this, Campagnolo famously introduced its C-Record groups in 1986 complete with the iconic Delta brakes and sculpted components. Enjoy the photos!

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