This  is a nice Rudge Aero Clubman from the 1950’s offered for sale today. Here is a link to the Retro Raleigh page about the rise of the Clubman style bike in Great Britain.  CLUBMAN! This bike is set up a bit differently than original, but still a clean example worthy of restoration. It currently utilizes front and rear derailleurs. Originally it would have had a Sturmey Archer internal rear hub gear and single front chain ring, somewhat a British tradition. Derailleurs were more of a continental European thing. This could also have been imported to the USA and set up like this here. The motto of the era in England was “export or die” post war time. The cranks are also French threaded, and I assume French in origin. The pedals are Atom 700 and are threaded appropriately. These are things I will leave up to the buyer to decide how to set up / change. Original decals are all there, some in better shape than others.
     Here are the measurements and details:

  • 55 CM CTC seat tube
  • 58 CM CTC top tube
  • 32″ stand over height
  • Dunlop 27 X 1 1/4 special lightweight rims laced to unknown rear British hub and front SA Dyno hub (works).
  • Raleigh tires
  • Front light does not work, maybe switch issue or something, bulb is good.
  • Rear taillight works.
  • Simplex front rod operated derailleur, works, but requires a fair amount of trimming to avoid chain rub.
  • Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur with the barrel adjuster (early version) of the model.
  • Unknown French double steel cottered crank set.
  • Atom 700 French threaded road (quill) pedals.
  • GB Sport Hiduminium brake calipers and GB levers.
  • Unknown Brampton’ esque headclip headset.
  • Unknown stem about 90mm extension.
  • Unknown alloy bars.
  • Bluemels “popular” white plastic fenders, no cracks with front mud flap.
  • Wrights leather saddle in great shape
  • Reynolds 531 DB tubing frame construction.

     The last two photos are from an original catalog (1952) with the specs for the model.

               Please email at: for pricing or with any questions you may have.


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