Extremely rare item offered for sale today. These cranks are the first generation road cranks Campagnolo produced. They are from 1958, when they were introduced. They are in excellent condition for their age. They have the raised pedal spindle hole. Originally they would have had pedal back caps, which are missing on this set. The early generation pedal spindles were shorter (10mm) to keep from poking the pressed in caps out. At some point someone installed later pedals and indeed, poked out the caps, doh! These are 151 BCD and have an original chain ring combination of 50 / 47. The rings have plenty of life left. The original chain ring bolts are there as well. They are also missing the original crank bolt dust caps. The arms are 170mm long. They are much slimmer than later generations. There is also less material where the arm joins the spider, also a clue as to their age. The back of the non drive side arm (bulge) at the BB spindle hole is also different than later generations. These were only available for a year or two before the design changed.     
     We have carefully cleaned them up and lightly polished them. They will come up much brighter with more polishing, but I personally like the patina as it is now, excellent for a period build / restoration. There are a couple scratches on the outer chain ring and also on the back of the drive side arm (see photos). Not bad, but noticable.
                                        Please contact me at: bikeville@gmail.com for pricing.

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