These are a pretty rare item, with some issues, but still very awesome! MAFAC Top 63 brake caliper set in good used condition. These are highly sought after as they were only in production for a couple of years in the early 1960’s. They are unique in that they had an adjustable center stirrup (the arms slide into each other) so they could be used with a variety of bikes (brake reach). The pad holders and hardware (concave spacers are also unique to the model. The cable hanger is more narrow than the traditional MAFAC hanger as well.

Main Photo

     Now, this pair has a couple issues. First,  they are missing one of the straddle cables.  Second, the rear brake is missing the outer concave washers. Third, the arms have been cut and drilled. (see photos). I am not sure why someone would have done this, I guess they did not want the adjustibility. The last two photos show how they originally would have been for comparison.
      All that being said, these are usable and would be great for a rider, NOT for a show bike. You would just need a straddle cable and the outer concave washers on the rear brake and you are ready to go. You can also use them without the washers.
                                  Please email at: for price. 

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