This bike belongs to one of our alumni here at Via Bicycle. his name is Connor and he was a great employee with a great smile. He is currently attending college and is unable to work with us, which is great for his future. He stopped by the other day to pick up a couple small items and as we were chatting about recent events I glanced over and noticed the bike he rode in on. I had never seen it before, and he had never mentioned getting it. It is really nice! he was gracious enough to let me take some photos and do a post about it.
     It was made by Tom Teesdale in 1980, he has the original sales receipt / build sheet. Sadly Tom Teesdale passed away in 2014. Here is a link about him and his work.  Tom Teesdale, a rememberance . Mr. Teesdale did it all, with skill and passion, and that shows on this particular example of his work as well. Connor got the bike at the Trexlertown swap a few years back from Wayne Bingham, owner of the awesome shop Velo Classique in Maryland.
     The construction is top notch, all the lugs are thinned out with nice crisp and long points. Lots of braze-ons for racks and fenders and very nice lighting wire guides front to back. One unique feature is the oversize chain stay bridge behind the BB shell. It is threaded for fender mounting, I am not sure of the advantage. Maybe to stiffen up the area around the BB shell to make the tail end less “whippy”? The back of the fork crown is threaded as well for attaching fenders, a nice touch.  The paint is nice and thin revealing any mistakes, and there are none. Very clean brazing. the other unique feature is the reinforced rear brake cable stop, a design I have never seen before, but makes perfect sense.
     Tom Teesdale’s work speaks for itself, it is a shame he is no longer around to make great bikes. R.I.P.

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