This bike belongs to our employee Steve and is the newest addition to his stable. He currently works at the shop part time and also works as a courier in the city full time. The frame is an NJS approved Keirin frame straight from Japan made by RAP. There is not a whole lot of info regarding the builder. Steve tells me that it was made by a man named Morimoto San (perhaps) and is a very small marque. The frame is very well built with nice crisp file work and clean lines. It is unusual to see NJS frames in larger sizes like this (58CM). Most are more petite, in the 50-55CM range. 
     Keirin racing in Japan is a big deal and began  as a betting sport  in 1948, and has since become very popular there. In 1957, the Nihon Jitensha Shinkōkai (NJS; also known in English as the Japanese Keirin Association) was founded to establish a uniform system of standards for the sport in Japan. Today Keirin racing is regulated by the JKA Foundation.
     Aspiring professional Keirin riders in Japan compete for entrance into the Japan Keirin School. The 10 percent of applicants who are accepted then undergo a strict, 15-hours per day, training regimen. Those who pass the graduation exams, and are approved by the NJS become eligible for professional Keirin races in Japan.
     Japanese races for women were reintroduced in July of 2012, under the title of Girl’s Keirin. Women were previously permitted to participate from 1949 until 1964. Like the men, the women must also undergo a strict training regimen at the Keirin School.
     The bike is built nicely with mostly Shimano Dura-Ace components and Campagnolo Nuovo Record pista hubs. This is his work (courier) bike and Steve says he loves it, very stiff and light weight Yes, he knows the seat post is out past the limit. Enjoy!

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