This is a bike we obtained over the summer. It was complete and quite dirty. I took it apart and cleaned it up a bit. it is built with Reynolds 531 tubing I assume, there is no decal to tell me, but it feels like a 531 frame. There are no eyelets for fenders on the drop-outs (Campagnolo). I estimate its production to be in the 1970’s. It has a lot of scratches in the paint and it is a bit sun faded in areas, but the decals (original) are all intact. The measurements are as follows:

  • 60 CM CTC seat tube
  • 57CM CTC top tube
  • 32 1/2″ stand over (without head set or air in tires)
  • 120mm rear spacing.
  • 100mm front spacing.
  • requires 27.2 seat post
  • 26.4 fork crown race
  • English BB threading 1.370 X 24 TPI

     The frame details are mid level production. The head lugs are nicely filed and contoured, the BB shell has long  tangs on the seat tube and down tube. Also the fork has long tangs. The crown is semi sloping with slotted shoulders. Very nice.  Full wrapping seat stays on the seat cluster are a bit chunky, but still nice. White lug lining. it has water bottle bosses and a braze on for the rear derailleur housing stop. There are a couple number sequences stamped on the BB shell. they are: 8238, 145,250 I do not know how to decipher these numbers and there is very little info on their serial system. The frame and fork are in alignment. This will make a great restoration candidate or build as a winter time training bike.
     Cost is $300.00. please email with any questions at: shipping and handling to be calculated depending on location. local pick up is fine as well.

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