This bike was recently brought in for an overhaul. It is an unknown Czechoslovakian make, the headbadge is difficult to make out. It has a cool Velamos rear coaster hub. Made in Czechoslovakia. It reminds me a lot of the Komet coaster hubs. It also has a cool German plunger front brake that is attached to the fork crown and goes through a hole drilled in the front fender to the wheel. When you squeeze the lever,  the plunger presses down on top of the tire to provide braking power. These were common (ish) in Eastern European countries from the 1930’s – 1950’s. Previously they were found on high wheelers in the late 1800’s and called the spoon brake. These are hard on tires and wear them out quickly. Their power also is dependent on how round the wheel is. But luckily the rear coaster brake does most of the work. It also has a nice rear fender reflector with an alloy housing. unfortunately, the reflector is cracked. The rims and frame sport nice blue and gold pinstriping which looks original to the bike. The chain guard is also nice in that it wraps most of the way around the chain ring and is quite dainty. Difficult to tell from the photos. The owner found the bike in a basement and plans to pass it on to his lady. I hope she likes it! We enjoyed servicing it!

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