More photos from the firehouse swap meet a couple days ago. Enjoy.

Schwinn twin and the elusive mini- twin.

Cool Schwinn neon sign.

Very cool Colson.

Big bird Schwinn Paramount. this thing was SUPER CLEAN! and large.

Modern cruiser bike with 36″ wheels!

Beautiful Elgin Bluebird on display!

Decked out Schwinn Run A Bout.

Deluxe Shelby with lots of chrome.

Rad toolbox.

 Various hub shells and hubs on a table.

I had that board on the far right back in 1991.

Super rare Profile BMX bike with Vector bar / stem combo and 1st gen. Bullseye hubs.

Clean Raleigh International.
     So there you have it, my re-cap of the days happenings and wares. see you in the spring!

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