I attended the antique / classic swap meet on Oct. 5th 2014, as usual it was a good time. Tiring , but enjoyable. We arrived at about 5:45 AM to a sea of head mounted flash lights floating around in the dark. There was a thin layer of frost on everything, making all the bikes very cold to the touch. The buying was fast and furious in those early hours. I was able to get a grip of bikes early on, then the sun came up and things settled in. We brought a bunch of stuff to sell and proceeded to set up our spot and serve customers. Lots of old faces and lots of new, nice to catch up with everyone. We took turns walking around shopping and minding our wares. I was able to get a good assortment of items and was happy at the end of the day with the haul. We also sold a bunch of stuff, always good. Enjoy the photos!

Early Schwinn Paramount track bike converted to road set up, pretty crusty.

 Very cool Schwinn cycle Truck from the 50’s.

 Checking out wares and a line up of cool middle weights.

Oscar Egg

British Hawtin clown bike, cast head tube and rides like an Ingo scooter. this bike was HEAVY!

Ambrosio  brake lever grip combo.

Early Humber up top with repro badge and early Rudge (1895-6)  safety.

Hutch Pro Raider

Pile of various reflectors.

BSA Paratrooper bike.


Drag stripper!


Very clean Zeus with mid level componentry.

 Frejus restoration 2 years in the making! Stunning, the owner had had this bike since his teen yeras!
I will continue this post in part 2, as this one is getting pretty long! There was a lot to see!

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